The Montusi Children’s Challenge

there is so much for children to do at Montusi Mountain Lodge

A peek behind the scenes of life at Montusi: the Montusi children’s challenge. The last three years have grown us at a much faster rate than those before. Part of that growth is learning to use all the facets of Montusi Living to the benefit of our guests. We have learnt that Montusi is a […]

Leave it better – conservation at Montusi

conservation at montusi mountain lodge

Montusi is set in the middle of a 1000-hectare conservation estate. It is our little kingdom over which we have almost complete power. We can decide what vegetation will thrive; what animals may live here; and what the landscape will look like in the future. We are mandated to “leave it better” through conservation at […]

Free-range chickens at Montusi

free-range chickens

Do you know what humans use a lot of? Chickens. Chickens and their eggs. An average Montusi guest requires about six eggs per day. We are in the most fortunate position that we have space and a lot of it. We also have the time, resources and expertise to build a fantastic home for a […]

Montusi Mumble – Rigby & Mr Baboon


Many Montusi guests will have been on the morning hike with our guides and will have experienced the joy of a hot cup of tea and a crunchie on top of Montusi Peak or in the Waterfall Cave while chatting about everything from Zulu culture to the policies of George W, Tony, Gordon and Barrack. […]

Mountain biking at Montusi – the best MTB experience

MTB trails in Northern Drakensberg

Mountain biking – right from your suite at Montusi Mountain Lodge… The Drakensberg Trails network covers nearly 100km of mountain paths in the Northern Berg. Montusi Mountain Lodge, which offers luxury accommodation in the Drakensberg, is perfectly situated for riding right from your suite! The trails have been purpose-built for mountain biking under the leadership […]

Eland: How eco-tourism paved the way for their return to the Northern Berg

eland in the Northern Drakensberg

These beautiful beasts can be spotted grazing, browsing, and milling about on the Montusi Estate. They roam free in the Northern Berg Valley crossing the mountains from Sterkfontein Dam in the Free State into Royal Natal National Park. They travel vast distances, moving on clicking ankles from green flush to green flush. Twenty years ago, […]

The challenges of lockdown

lockdown at montusi

2020 – our lost year.  2021 – our recovery year? Montusi’s 2020 was unremarkable in its absurdity.  Just like the rest of the world, it all started without too much hassle, until March came around. Our lockdown months were blissful in that we were able to immerse ourselves in mountain life, but terrifying in our […]

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