The art of doing nothing is a sought after pastime which can be enjoyed at Montusi Mountain Lodge.

There is no pressure and no wake-up calls (in fact no telephone in the room).

Montusi Mountain Lodge is the perfect place to simply wind down and enjoy our little bit of paradise while recharging your batteries, or getting involved with some of the activities.

All Out Adventures

Anyone approaching Montusi Mountain Lodge cannot fail to notice the entrance to the impressive Adventure Centre alongside the road 10 minutes drive from the Lodge.

Guests wanting an adrenalin rush have access to a number of exciting activities. These include the spectacular Cable Tour, a hair raising Free Fall King Swing, thrilling Flying Trapeze, Bungee Bounce (trampoline and bungee system), Zip Line (Giant Foofy Slide), Forested Paintball and Quad Bike Tours to the river.

This is a great venue for corporate and family Teambuilding. Activities are carried out with attention to safety and are achievable by participants of all ages and fitness levels.

There is a tea garden and children's zone with a trampoline and dual sit&zip lines. The centre is closed on Mondays during KwaZulu-Natal school terms and the 25th December).

Unauthorized use of equipment is prohibited and indemnity forms must be signed.

Visit for more information. Tel 036 438 6242 and 072 386 1344