Sustainability &
Responsible Tourism

Tread softly upon the earth because the faces of the unborn look up at you

Balancing Tradition with Sustainable Development

Montusi is a family owned lodge: currently in our second generation. We plan to keep this beautiful space amazing for many generations to come.
To achieve this aim, we need to conduct our business responsibly and sustainably. Responsible Tourism and Sustainability are core to Montusi’s Mission: To restore and sustain individuals, families, communities and the environment by looking to the future, developing ourselves and honing our core expression.

Our environmental sustainability efforts include:

Environmental Conservation

Northern Drakensberg Nature Reserve Logo

We have always kept our 1000 hectares of rehabilitated veldt free from alien vegetation, promoting a biodiverse grassland for the naturally occurring game to thrive. Since taking ownership of the property in 1994, huge tracts of invasive wattle trees have been removed and the grassland has returned to its natural state, bringing with it eland antelope, as well as aardvark!
Montusi is one of the founding members of the Northern Drakensberg Nature Reserve. Established in April 2024, the nature reserve includes 6500 hectares of privately owned property that links the Sterkfontein Nature Reserve to the Royal Natal National Park. Thus creating a massive grazing corridor for the eland, as well as safe-guarding the irreplaceable grasslands and precious water catchments for future generations. A significant portion of the funds required to establish the nature reserve were provided by the World Wildlife Fund, but going forward there will be a small conservation levy payable by all guests staying at member establishments.

Before Rehab

After Rehab

Water Conservation

Our dams draw enough water from the Montusi stream and the summer rain to supply our needs and this water is treated before it reaches the lodge. The tap water is perfectly delicious and good for drinking*. Waste water goes into septic tanks and soakaways. We are very proud that the river water below the lodge is clean enough for human consumption*!
*Water is tested monthly by an independent company.

Reducing Food Miles

As far as possible we use local produce in our kitchen. We have established a vegetable garden to grow our own salad and vegetable items, as well as cut flowers for decoration. We have a beautiful flock of free-range hens to keep us in steady supply of eggs, as well as comic relief!

Lawn & Garden Management

By having all indigenous and water-wise plants in the garden we provide a safe habitat for birds, bees and other important pollinators. These species require very little watering in the winter months. The lawns have also been carefully managed to a level where they retain the lush green hue through the winter without irrigation or artificial fertilisation.

Removal Of Single Use Plastic
& Paper Reuse

By 2017 we had removed all single use plastic from our bar and shop and we continue to choose less plastic as far as possible. We also moved away from single serving toiletries and replaced them with large, non-disposable dispensers.

Reusing Paper – all paper used in the administration of the lodge is reused and then recycled.

Our social responsibility efforts include:

Gift Shop – Stocked with consciously sourced products that include tiny local businesses and larger community-driven projects.

Staff – 95% of our staff are from the local AmaZizi village. We adhere to all labour guidelines set out by the government.

The Royal Drakensberg Education Trust

We actively support the various projects of the Royal Drakensberg Education Trust

These aim to improve the lives for children in the AmaZizi Village, right from infancy (Baby Boost), into their early education phase.

(Khanyisela Project  and Royal Drakensberg School ).

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